Folwark Ruchenka | Humanist wedding | Gośka & Pafcio


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Wedding day should be full of joy


And Gośka and Pafcio’s wedding was exactly like that. There were screams, dances and running (remember she hates to lose!). This couple was wild and I fell in love with them. They were so raw and true that day. This is the perfect example of experiencing a wedding day.


Civil wedding with humanist ceremony


In Poland humanist weddings are still not a legal form of getting married. There are some couples who decide to organise humanist wedding and if they want to get married legally they get married in a registry office few days before (usually with just witnesses). But there is the other option which Gośka & Pafcio have chosen. They decided to get a civil outdoor wedding and afterwards say their own vows.


Outdoor wedding with a storm ahead


There was a huge risk of a storm during the ceremony. But Gośka was sure she wanna take her wedding outdoors. And good that she was so stubborn about it cause the first rain drops have fallen right after the ceremony.


Folwark Ruchenka – slow wedding


Do you wanna get married in Poland and you plan a slow wedding? Folwark Ruchenka is a perfect venue for you.

PS: This is not my first wedding at this venue. Take a look at a wedding of Patka & Miikka at Folwark Ruchenka


All the amazing vendors:


Catering: Catering Blue
Sweets: Tagoo Sweet
Photography: Laura Kosińska
Enjoy the wedding film!
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