Kama & Mati | Autumn, festival wedding


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Wedding like festival


Saying that Kama & Mati were having fun at their wedding wouldn’t make that night a justice. Their wedding was the last one before autumn lockdown in Poland in 2020. But Kama & Mati must have understood that it was the last wedding ever. This wedding made me laugh so much – not often you have a chance to witness a roast of the wedding table performed by a professional standuper – Mateusz Socha, the groom. And please believe me those fragments you can see in the wedding film are not the harsh ones. And Kama was laughing so much – it’s good when you can make your wife smile.


Wedding at Scena Kulinarna


The wedding took place at Scena Kulinarna in Bytom. It’s one of the most beautiful wedding venues I had a chance to visit. Amazing, industrial interior is the perfect scenery for weddings. The restaurant is famous for it’s kitchen and I cannot say any bad word about it.


Crazy wedding party


This wedding party was just epic. Kama & Mati had fun like if they were on the festival. But this party wouldn’t be what it is if not for Filip from Panowanie od Muzyki. This guy is making mixes from other dimensions. If you like nonabvious music choices, crazy party and very unordinary approach you should contact this guy.


Custom made wedding film


You might not like this wedding film. This wedding highlight was made specially for Kama and Mati. I really like the idea of custom approach and being able to create wedding film dedicated to each couple individually.


Bride: Kama Socha

Groom: Mateusz Socha standup


Other Vendors:


Venue: Scena Kulinarna
DJ: Filip Panowie od Muzyki
Photography: PieczkoPietras
Wedding gown: Madonna Suknie Ślubne
Italian buffet: Włoski stół
Hair: Ministerstwo Urody
Flowers: Kwiaty Wianki
Lights: Lightme


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