Cicha 23 | Outdoor wedding | Zuza & Alex | Polish Wedding videographer

Year-long Honeymoon


Ever thought about quitting your job and taking off on a year-long trip around the world? Well, that’s exactly what Zuza and Alex did! They embarked on this adventure right after tying the knot. Honeymoon for a month? How about a whole year instead? Zuza and Alex are true daredevils, unafraid of any adventure. I bet it’ll be an incredible memory for a lifetime. I’ve been following their amazing journey. However, their adventure began way earlier at Cicha 23.


Ceremony at Cicha 23

And the wedding? Straight out of a fairy tale! And it couldn’t be any different in a place like Cicha 23. A fantastic glamping site surrounded by forests and greenery. The perfect spot for an outdoor wedding and celebration. Zuza and Alex opted for an outdoor wedding at Cicha 23. More and more couples are going for such weddings. It could be a classic civil ceremony (like in the case of Zuza and Alex) or a humanistic ceremony.


Preparations in Nature’s Embrace


Where did the preparations take place? Actually, in the middle of the forest! I always encourage couples to get ready on-site. It saves you the hassle of commuting. No commutes equal less stress. And I get the chance to wander around the venue. How can you not wander when it’s so beautiful all around? Cicha 23 is an amazing place, perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Speaking of preparations, would you also like to grab a bite before the wedding? Of course! Cicha 23 is located in Marki, so you can even order some snacks for delivery 😉


Unique and Different Wedding Film

Dreaming of a unique and different wedding film? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Every wedding and every story deserves its own narrative. For me, a wedding is a day of joy and happiness, and that’s exactly what I want to capture in your films. You, your emotions, authenticity. Every film that comes from my hands will be unique and artistic. Let’s create something special together.


Polish Wedding Videographer

Are you searching for a polish wedding videographer? You are at the right place. I have a lot of experience in working with international couples. We can easily communicate in English. Let’s create an awesome wedding film from Poland. No matter if in Warsaw, Poznan, Cracow or Gdansk. I’m here for you.