Wedding performed by a friend? Checked! Bob Marley during the ceremony? Checked! Wedding in one of the most beautiful venues? Checked, Checked, Checked! When you think you won’t cry cause you are a tough guy… With Patka and Miikka (and Wróżki Ślubne) nothing is the same anymore.

I’m trying to get back to all those moments, but I can’t because so many thoughts are running through my head. I think my mind can’t decide which thought is more important… more beautiful. Another pushes the previous one. Oh dear she looked stunning… He was such a cool guy and he had amazing friends. Their families were so lovely. How real were their emotions and joys. I have an impression that there are not just media files on my computer, but a magical space with tons of smiles, thousands of tears and endless love.

I try to decide in my mind which part of that day I liked the most and I can’t. It’s hard to put the stories together. I would almost like to tell them all at once.

Is the venue the most beautiful part? Folwark Ruchenka is for sure one of the most outstanding places I have ever been to.

Are the feelings and relationships beautiful and true? Otherwise, I would not cry several times.

Are the people creating that day? They seem like old friends I’ve met not for the first time.

I love my job, I love being a wedding videographer.