About me


My name is Bartek Styperek and I am a wedding videographer

Making films is my greatest passion and a source of joy. This is one of the reasons I can live my life to the fullest. I know that I am taking part in an amazing adventure. One day I can end up at the coast of scottish island and the other have a bonfire near my favourite river – Drawa.


Nothing is more exciting than meeting new people, exploring new places and creating new, amazing stories. One of them can be about you!

Fun Facts

bartek styperek filmowiec ślubny kamerzysta

I can play multiple instruments

Guitar, bass, a little drums and piano. I love music – especially live rock one. By now I’ve been at more than 50 gigs of various artists. I’m writing songs for my amateur album. I own six guitars.

I love plants

During the summer in my garden you will find lots of tomatoes breeds (along with green zebra), strawberrys, rocket, lettuce, sweet cherry and even watermelons. I love spending time there surrounded by growing plants. This is one of those things that relaxes me a lot.

I love birds

I live in a neighbourhood very close to the nature. Nearby the river, ponds, forrests and glades. This is a great environment  for all kinds of birds. I’ve been bird-watching for a few years now. I even have my own bird journal which my wife gave me as a christmas gift! My favourite bird however is a puffin, but it never shows up in Poland. I dream of taking a picture of it.

I love dogs

I have adopted one adult one 4 years ago. This is the most beautiful friendship – love from the first sight. Szabi is a perfect dog in every possible way – calm in the house, energetic during walks, loving food, cuddles and my guitar play. His favourite songs are Stairway to Heaven and Chasing Cars. Szabi is my most allegiant helper during editing. He assist me every time I create a new story. Either under the desk when there is snow outside or settled down on the floor during summer heats.

Bartek Styperek filmowiec slubny alpaka wedding videography 4
Bartek Styperek filmowiec slubny alpaka wedding videography 5

I love travelling with my wife

We always organise our trips on our own. We have visited a lot of beautiful and inspiring places. We prefer airbnb rather than hotels, and backpacks with supplies rather than restaurants. I love Paris for Montmartre, Barcelona for Chorizo, Norway for Lysefiord and Rome for narrow streets.

I have never had a “real” job

I’ve been always filming. And I don’t refer to it as a job but rather a passion. I feel really fortunate. Camera has been by my side since my midschool times and it was always a source of fun. It still hasn’t changed!

I make the best pizza in the world

I have my own pizza dough recipe and I’m kneading it always to the italian music. There is nothing better than the pizza from your own oven baked on red-hot pizza-stone with tomatoes, herbs and rocket from your garden! And when you add to it orange lemonade with basil and mint you are definitely in heaven.

Bartek Styperek filmowiec slubny alpaka wedding videography 6

What do I do except weddings?

As a person who loves films so much I am definitely not shooting only weddings. In the meantime I create documentary forms (as my bachelor degree I shot a documentary about my grandma getting her hearing back), commercials, short forms and vlogs from my trips. I work as a cameraman or lamp operator on larger film sets.

Let’s create a beautiful story together

I would love to be a part of your wedding day. I truly believe that my sensitivity and passion will billow into another heartwarming wedding film. By hiring me you will get a never to be forgotten memory.