Folwark Ruchenka | Barn outdoor humanist-civil wedding


They’ve met on festivals


If you and your second half share a passion it’s already a perfect start. Andrzej and Monika love rock music festivals. Before they’ve met they were living on the other ends of Poland but they got a chance to meet on rock events. This love to music festivals evolved into love to each other. They decided to make a slow, chilled, relaxed wedding with running barefoot. They have chosen Folwark Ruchenka for their wedding  – the place where outdoor gigs are also taking place. Place full of memories of music and good events.


Civil wedding and their own vows


Not everybody knows that at polish civil wedding you can add your own vows. The formal vows are rather stiff but nothing stands in the way to make them more beautiful by adding your own words. Andrzej and Monika have chosen that way. So their outdoor civil ceremony was expanded with humanist vows. I always recommend my couples organising civil wedding ceremony to consider adding their own vows. The offcials very rarely mention that possibility. Me and my wife really regret that we didn’t know about it when we got married.


Folwark Ruchenka – barn wedding


Folwark Ruchenka is the perfect spot to organise outdoor wedding ceremony and reception in Poland. If you dreamt about outdoor ceremony, dancing barefoot on the grass Folwark Ruchenka is one of the best places to start.


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Enjoy wedding video!

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