Karo & Marek | Outdoor wedding by the lake | Żeglarska Zatoka



Relive the Breathtaking Wedding of Karo and Marek at Zatoka Żeglarska!


Step into the captivating world of Karo and Marek’s wedding at the stunning Zatoka Żeglarska. As a passionate wedding videographer in Poland specializing in artistic wedding videos, I had the privilege of capturing every exquisite detail of their special day. Join me as we delve into the enchanting moments that unfolded in this perfectly situated venue.


A Mesmerizing Outdoor Church Ceremony and Unforgettable Party

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Zatoka Żeglarska, nestled by the serene Lake Dadaj. With its access to a charming little pier, it was the ideal location for Karo and Marek’s outdoor church ceremony. Surrounded by lush forests, this venue offered a magical backdrop for those who embrace nature’s embrace.

Getting Ready in Style: A Trailer Experience


Experience the unique atmosphere of Marek’s relaxed preparations in the trailer, setting the perfect tone for a slow-paced and intimate wedding day. Meanwhile, Karo enjoyed the anticipation and excitement of getting ready in the elegant interiors of Zatoka Żeglarska.


Cherished Family Heirlooms: Treasured Memories


As you watch the wedding video, you’ll notice the remarkable rings adorning Karolina’s fingers. These beautiful pieces hold a special significance as family heirlooms, serving as cherished reminders of precious memories. Witness the importance these treasures hold for Karo, adding an extra layer of sentiment to their celebration.


Relish in the Magic: Karo and Marek’s Unforgettable Wedding Video


Prepare to be enchanted as you embark on a journey through the breathtaking wedding of Karo and Marek at Zatoka Żeglarska. With my artistic touch, I’ve crafted a captivating wedding video that will transport you back to their joyous day, filled with love, beauty, and cherished moments.

All the amazing vendors:

Venue: Żeglarska Zatoka
Photography: Paulina Braniecka
Wedding dress: Agata Wojtkiewicz
Flowers and Decos: Anna Wojtala
Music: Aneta Kowalewska


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