Outdoor wedding | Ceglarnia | Preikestolen Norway

My own pineapple wedding. Editing the video from my own wedding was tougher than I thought. So I’m publishing the video 9 months after our wedding. Some shots are even made by me – the ones from the day before and all Norway ones where I’m not visible. And as this situation is different than usual I will let my wife describe our wedding day.


“We wanted our wedding day to be relaxed and chilled. Therefore we gave our guests pizza instead of a cake and we chose pineapples as our wedding theme. Our wedding took place at Friday so we could decorate our venue on our own the day before. It was actually challenging cause we really had no idea how much flowers we should buy. The week before we bought pineapples at some sale at a polish discount and we became a local sensation (why would anybody need so many pineapples?). And where did the pineapple theme came from? It’s not one of those beautiful, romantic stories. From the beggining I knew I want to wear espadrilles at my wedding. And as I found the ones with pineapple pattern on it it just came that way. So our theme comes from my shoes – that’s the story. Big neon light was my dream for a long, long time and after buying shoes I knew what the shape of it should be. The pineapple even ended up in my bouquet.


I have to mention my wedding dress. From the begging I knew I didn’t want to visit any famous wedding gown salons from my city. I knew I preferred rather loose style and my Pinterest was full of wide sleeves. The problem was I couldn’t get anything like that here in Poland. That’s when I have spotted Natalia Stachowska’s wedding dress designed by herself. By that time she didn’t have a wedding gown salon or any collection whatsoever, but I knew it has to be her. I don’t know which part of my wedding dress is better the open back or wide dreamt of sleeves.


The only thing i would have changed is the type of ceremony. The civil wedding is beautiful but creating your own vows at humanist ceremony is so emotional. Apart from that I am so happy that the wedding was non-traditional at some point. Especially that we are wild souls in real life. ”



Film – Alpaka Wedding Videography

Wedding gown – Stachowska Pracownia

Bouquet, coronet, buttonhole – Śródlesie

Make-up – Rosie Jaredovna Atelier

DJ – Mikołaj Basiński

Venue – Amazing barn Ceglarnia