Ceglarnia | Barn Wedding | They don’t kiss


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They don’t kiss

Is this this couple who doesn’t kiss? Of course not ;). I love to sneak a little bit of humour into my wedding videos. Kasia and Michał organised their wedding in Celgarnia. The venue close to Poznań in which I organised my own wedding. I love this wedding venue so much.


Church Wedding

Kasia and Michał decided to organise a church wedding. Beautiful wedding ceremony took place in small wooden church close to Ceglarni venue. It’s very important for the wedding ceremony and reception place to be in keep with.


Wedding getting ready

The Ceglarnia owner is a person who really takes care about details. He didn’t only think about the reception barn but also about the getting ready place. Couples need to remember that a big part of their wedding pictures and video is taken during preps. So when picking up the venue it’s crucial to look up the getting ready’s location aswell.


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