Charlie x Cody | Bluevenado Beach Wedding | Tulum, Mexico


I fulfilled my biggest dream – a wedding in Mexico!


It’s crazy that after so many years as a wedding filmmaker, a couple from Las Vegas pulled me to their wedding in Tulum, Mexico. And the wedding itself? It was a dream come true on a beach surrounded by palms, in the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen.


Humanist, beach wedding


Charlie and Cody, in true American style, had a humanist wedding led by their friend. They played rock, paper, scissors to decide who’d say their vows first. And after these incredibly moving declarations, they downed shots of tequila. It was meaningful because that’s how they first met in a bar in Santa Barbara.


Baby boy during the ceremony


Their son Beau made the ceremony special. Originally planned in the UK (Charlie’s home), the wedding got disrupted first by Covid and then… pregnancy! Charlie unknowingly pregnant, ended up in Tulum with Cody for a vacation. The wedding in that place became very special to them.


Bridemaids and groomsmen rocked


The bridesmaids and groomsmen rocked awesome outfits. Groomsmen all in white, bridesmaids in color-coordinated dresses. It created an amazing vibe!


Destination wedding


Thinking of a wedding abroad? Whether in Poland or beyond, Bali or Cracow, I’d be thrilled to be part of your journey.