Weva Awards 2019 – Best wedding videographers

najlepszy filmowiec ślubny najlepsze kolory w filmie ślubnym

Weva Awards 2019 – Best wedding videographers

This year once more I have taken place in Weva Award 2019. In polish edition I was a member of the jury. With other judges I had a chance to pick the wedding filmmakers in Poland.


najlepszy filmowiec ślubny weva award konkurs


I am very flattered to be recognised in the worldwide edition of Weva Award for the best wedding filmmakers in the industry. Last year I took 6th place in the best wedding videographer category. This year I was honoured in few categories, and in 2 of them I got official awards. This is such an honour to be placed among best wedding filmmakers in the world. And I know there is so much yet to come. My best video from this year is still not published. And believe me guys I want to show it to you so badly.

But getting back to the awards. I took 5th place in the best colorist category. 5th place which means I got an official award. And colours are totally my thing. I pay a lot of attention to this aspect of my wedding films. So I’m so excited that I was awarded precisely in this category.

When it comes to other categories:

4th place in Save the date category (official award)

15th place in Best Wedding Videographer category

11th place Best Video Editor category