Weranda Home mansion | Kasia & Mikołaj

weranda home film ślubny ekipa filmowa wesele

Weranda Home mansion | Kasia & Mikołaj

Kasia’s and Mikołaj’s wedding day was one of those beautiful and calm ones. Weranda Home residence is lovely situated and it has this harmonious atmosphere. The couple absorbed it all. And Weranda without a doubt is magical and full of charm. The residence near Poznan is located in the heart of the landscape park “Park Krajobrazowy Puszczy Zielonki”. It’s hard to unambiguously define the style of the venue – on the one hand its the picturesque old mansion and on the other hand the residence full of modern design. Weranda Home is also a part of Poznan’s famous Weranda family restaurants so the food couldn’t be anything but exceptional. I’m still dreaming about this amazing beetroot carpaccio. Enjoy the video!

Venue: Weranda Home


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