Wedding reception by the sea | Rettungs Budy | Hel

24 sesja plenerowa ślubna nad morzem filmowiec na wesele kamerzysta

Wedding reception by the sea | Rettungs Budy | Hel

This was an amazing day of June. I love these slow weddings where everything goes on in a calm atmosphere. The atmosphere which is loved by wedding videographers. And it couldn’t be otherwise, because Ania and Paweł has chosen beautiful Cocktail Bar placed directly by the sea at Jastarnia called Rettungs Budy. I don’t know why but weddings at the Hel Peninsula have this incredible vibe. People tend to draft their whole family in from all the corners of the Poland to spend this incredible wedding day here. And the Hel Peninsula is the place where magical memories take place. Ania and Paweł were decorating the venue by themselves which gave this personal touch. Rettungs Budy itself though is an amazing industrial place with terrace by the sea, the type of venue u can’t find in the middle parts of Poland. Enjoy the wedding video :)!

PS: I would have forget! At the wedding preparations Ania and Pawel’s dog was present. He was full of cuteness!


Shots from the video:

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