Everything you might want to know

Do you work alone?

Yes usually I work alone. If you care about second camera operator I can of course arrange it. Although the post production process (montage, shots selection etc.) is always in my hands. Because of that you can be sure that each of my wedding video productions comes with the same style and aesthetics. As a result of this approach the amount of videos I can make yearly is limited.

How long will we wait for the wedding video?

Usually you will have to wait around 3 months for your video even shorter if your wedding takes place at the beginning of the season. The maximum waiting time is 5 to 6 months.

How do you work?

I always want to meet you before we sign the agreement either personally or on Skype. It’s always for the best if we get to know each other before your big day.

At the wedding day I’m present from the preps to the party (around 00:30 am). During the day I try to be unnoticeable. I’m catching your real emotions, natural light and all the small details that makes it special.

What will we get at the end?

You will get the best memory and the story told by yourselves. The wedding day is full of emotions and I try to capture them in all of my videos. I love details, natural shots, light and spontaneous emotions. Each wedding video is coming from the bottom of my heart. At standard package you will get wedding highlights (3-4 min video) and longer film (15-20 min or 30 min). All the vidoes comes with 4K resolution.

How do we book a date?

In order to book a date you will have to sign the agreement. I can talk with several couples for the same term simultaneously.

What about a wedding video session?

When it comes to photography almost all couples decide to make a wedding session. Unfortunately not every time the videographer is joining them. And it’s a real pity because during the session we have much more time together than during the small session at the wedding day. The shots from session can show your love from an amazing and emotional perspective. Wedding video session can take place at the same time as photo session if the photographer agrees to that.

Do you offer photography?

You ask me this question really frequently. Videography is my passion and the only thing I do professionally. But if you want some recommendation I will be more than happy to help you :).