10 reasons to elope | Why you should choose elopement?

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10 reasons to elope | Why you should choose elopement?

1. You can get married wherever you want.

Have you always dreamt about getting married in the mountains? Or maybe you want to vow in the airplane? There are no boundries to your imagination. You can elope wherever you like. It’s a nice idea to do it in some place special to you both. When you think about it – it’s a real dream come true.

2. It’s about what you want rather than what your family wants.

Are you afraid of family drama? Or maybe you just don’t want to listen anybody’s opinion? This day is about you and only you. Traditional weddings are amazing but sometimes you just want to be spontanious. And we all know that your wedding plans may differ from your family’s plans. Some couples feel more real when they are just by themselves.

3. It’s perfect if you don’t like partying.

Not everybody is a party animal. Sometimes all we need is just an intimate atmosphere. Being in the center of attention of 100+ guests may be really overwhelming. Nobody has said you have to dance whole night if it isn’t something you dreamt of.

4. You can have whatever vows you like.

It can get as intimate as you want. And nobody actually has to hear it exept your future husband/wife. You can be as genuine as you want – nobody will judge you. Personally I find those types of vows very emotional and truthful. You can say whatever your heart wants you to say even if it will be full of inner jokes.

5. The budget

I was actually thinking if I should place it on the list. But after all elopements are perfect when your budget is tight. Just imagine you don’t have to spend all those money on venue, food, alcohol, decorations and all the other things coming with traditional wedding. If you wish you don’t even have to buy a wedding dress – you can wear whatever you want. You can just spend this money on the other things like adventerous trip. Or you can just elope in whatever place on Earth you want – I bet it still will be cheaper than big wedding reception.

6. Your elopement can actually be a legal ceremony.

In some countries all you have to do is to hire a certified celebrant. You can get a legal humanist wedding ceremony for example in Scotland, Ireland, Norway and New Zeland. But of course if you don’t want to say your vows in front of celebrant or you have chosen a different country for your ceremony you can always legalise your marriage later on.

7. You can invite some friends.

Yes technically elopement is about spending this day just with your soulmate but who have said you can’t invite some friends? You can have an adventurous trip together without people you don’t actually want to invite. If this is your dream just go for it. It can be the best trip of your life.

8. You can do whatever you want

There is no typical day schedule for your elopement day. Do you want to swim under the waterfall or dance in the moonlight? Yes, you can do whatever you want and there will be nobody to judge you. Maybe you want to drink beers right after the vows or do the parachute jump? Or maybe you want to spend whole day in a big amusement park? Just go for it.

9. You can have a perfect wedding film and photos.

You don’t have to worry that there won’t be time for some photo or film session. I bet you will choose an elopement spot right where your dream photos should be taken. Is your instagram feed filled with those perfect elopement photos? It can be your wedding too! And actually if you choose to elope in the middle of the week you will have much broader choice of wedding filmmakers and photographers.

10. It’s perfect if you don’t like excessive planning

Imagine you don’t have to plan your wedding at least a year in advance. Choosing the right venue, deciding about decos and wedding menus, making a guests lists. It all can be really time consuming. With an elopement you have a lot less planning. In fact it can be one of the most spontaneous things in your life.


Did you already had your wedding and you still want to elope? What about vows renawal? Elopement like renewal is something to make your dream come true.


Check out Tamar & Matt’s elopement on Isle of Skye, Scotland.

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