Outdoor church wedding in 20th century Palace

1 para młoda sesja

Outdoor church wedding in 20th century Palace

Is the outdoor church wedding possible in Poland? It’s not an easy thing to get, but not impossible. The key to success is to find the right venue and favourable parish. One of those venues is Tłokinia Palace (Pałac Tłokinia) nearby Kalisz. Picturesque building dating back to the beginning of 20th century, with beautiful garden where the outdoor church weddings take place. If you plan to get married near Poznan or Kalisz and you dream of outdoor church Wedding this place is ideal for you. And the Palace Tłokinia itself? It was a real positive surprise! I won’t lie if I say that it is one the most beautiful venues of that type I have ever seen. Every peace of furnishings and decorations reminds of a history of that place. Justyna and Wojtek couldn’t choose more fabulous venue for their marriage. And when I was working on their wedding video I couldn’t stop thinking of the 20’s. My music and frame choices shouldn’t be a surprise then :). Are you ready for a time travel? 



Venue: Pałac Tłokinia
Band: M.Band
Dress: Atelier Juliette.pl
Make-up: Złote pędzelki – Agnieszka Włochacz Makeup Artist
Flowers: Kwiaciarnia Chanda
String quartet: Kwartet Smyczkowy
Folusz Suit: MILER Menswear

Few stills:

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